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Monday, July 26, 2010

Social Security Disability- Tips to help you win your case

Listed below are tips on documenting the frequency, severity, and duration of your symptoms and limitations caused by your diagnosis:

What You Should be Documenting: Document everything that prevents you from working. It is very important to document why your chronic pain or fatigue is different from what the average person experiences. Most people experience some degree of pain or fatigue from time to time, so you need to be able to distinguish your degree of pain and fatigue from the average so your doctors and the judge can get an idea of why your symptoms prevent you from working at any job. For example, if your pain is so frequent, severe, and lasts so long that you need to lie down several hours each day, then the Social Security Judge may understand that your pain is disabling and will prevent you from working at any job.

Obtain a Copy of Your Medical Records from Your Treating Physicians: Obtaining a copy of your treating physician's medical records will give you an idea of whether your symptoms or limitations are being properly recorded. You may be surprised to find that your symptoms or limitations have not been recorded by your doctor. Also, your doctor's notes may be illegible. Illegible handwriting is a real problem. Judges who decide your disability case generally do not try too hard to decipher what the doctor's notes say. If this is an issue, make an appointment with your doctor and explain the importance of the documentation for your case. Hopefully your doctor will be willing to improve the way he documents your symptoms and limitations. This can be the difference in winning and losing your case.

Keep a Diary of Your Symptoms and Limitations Before Your Next Doctor's Visit: Keep a short diary of your daily life before your next doctor's appointment. The diary entries should be short and simple. Document if you cannot get out of bed due to your chronic pain or fatigue. Document if you were only able to sleep for two hours the night before and then had to take naps the next day. Document migraine headaches that last three days even though you took your medication. By documenting your symptoms or limitations, you will be able to give your doctor a list of how these affect your daily life.

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