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Monday, July 5, 2010

Michigan Social Security Disability Attorney- Migraine Headaches

A migraine is a neurological condition. Migraines are chronic headaches with symptoms lasting hours, possibly days. The frequency of migraines is unpredictable; they can happen weekly, monthly, or less often. It often results in recurring attacks that have similar attributes to that of a normal headache, but are much longer in duration and more much more severe than a common headache. Migraines are typically classified into two categories: classic and common. Classic migraines are often preceded by visual disturbances and odd physical sensations that can include tingling, numbness, nausea and vomiting. Precursors to common migraines are feelings of depression and/or restlessness, or even periods of talkativeness. These symptoms are usually experienced two to three days before the migraine starts. It is estimated that approximately 30 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches.

There are many people who suffer from migraines that can not work full time because of the pain from their migraines. We have many clients who have applied for Social Security Disability because of these limitations. If you have no other impairments and have migraines on a limited basis you are not likely going to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. The more often you have migraines that are debilitating the better chance you have of being successful in your case.

There are a few things that a claimant can do to help their case. First, keep a diary of your headaches. Keep track of the date you have your migraine, how many days the migraine lasts, what medications you took for your migraine, and what actions you took to help with the pain from your migraine. Second, your doctor has to have very specific information about your migraines. Your doctor has to note in your medical records The basic argument the lawyers at Allan W. Ben P.C. make for our clients are that due to the frequent and debilitating migraine headaches, our client would not be a reliable employee at even a low stress, simple job with minimal physical and mental demands.

In migraine headache cases, the functional capacity limitations that we usually see involve job attendance and daily reliability. Migraine patients frequently experience headaches randomly, with no specific cause identified. When a migraine hits, the claimant needs to lie down in a dark room and avoid all stimuli including noise or light. If the claimant happens to be at work, he/she has to leave or be driven home. Unscheduled absences from work are also common. From what our clients tell us, severe migraine headaches cause pain at such a level that no activities of any type are tolerable.

If your doctor will document your activity limitations, you have a good chance at being successful. For example, you will want your treating doctor to state that you will need unscheduled breaks from work, that you will miss several days of work each month because you can’’t come in, and that you need low stress activities. Your doctor should also describe the unpredictability of your migraine headaches, side effects of medications and how successful are your medications in reducing your symptoms.

If you find that the frequency and duration of your migraine headaches leave you unable to find or keep a job, you may have a viable Social Security Disability claim. You need to speak with an experienced Michigan or Arizona lawyer, you need to contact Allan W. Ben P.C. at 1-866-540-0677 for an expierenced Michigan and Arizona Social Security Disability attorney. You can get more information about our law firm at

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