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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Michigan Long-Term Disability victory

I have been representing a client in his claim for long-term disabilit benefits. He sufferes from a cognitive disorder that has not fully been determined by his doctors to what caused him to have this medical problem. He has severe problems processing. If you ask him a question, it will take him several minutes to give you an answer. He also has memory issues. His doctors have some theories on why this is happening to him, but do not no yet for sure what caused this. His doctors do not believe that he has Alzheimer's. This has also caused him to have panic attacks. When I first started the claim it was against Aetna, but my client's employer changed their long-term disability carrier over to Met Life.

The key to having this long-term disaiblity claim approved was working with his doctors. I made sure to get his doctors to write reports on his behalf which detailed his disability.

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