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Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to hire a Long-Term Disability Lawyer

Why should you hire a National long term disability lawyer if you have an LTD claim? It's not at all hard to answer this question. Long term disability insurance companies are notorious for the tactics they employ against disabled workers who have become sick or injured LTD insurance carriers are more concerned about their profits than their claimants.. Their methods used to deny LTD claims include surveillance of a claimant's activities, digging into a claimant's personal life (banking, credit, and personal activities), and the use of stalling tactics that are designed to push LTD applicants to the very edge, both financially and emotionally.

Finding an experience attorney for your Long-Term Disability case requires asking specific questions to determine which attorney may be best for you. Choosing the wrong attorney may ultimately cost you your LTD/ ERISA case.

Having an attorney on a Long-Term Disability case can help you improve your chances of winning in this manner: the attorney will review your medical records and advocate on your behalf. But, more than that, a LTD lawyer will provide an incentive for an LTD carrier to properly evaluate your claim.

Long-Term Disability cases can be an intimidating process and should not be handled without an experience Nationwide Long-Term Disability Lawyer. There is no area of the law which cases requires more paperwork or forms, and which involves as much raw human emotion. As a result, a Long-Term Disability case can be confusing, time consuming, and often, very costly financially and emotionally. As a result, choosing a lawyer may be the most important decision you make in your entire case.

Not every lawyer is a good fit for every person. You must be sure that your philosophy of how to approach and handle your case matches the temperament and practice philosophy of your lawyer. As a result, you must ask questions that reflect your specific concerns.

A good lawyer will:
a. help you to understand and focus on the issues of your divorce without losing sight of the emotional nature of the proceedings;
b. help prepare your case for court, in case it becomes necessary to take your case to court;
c. provide prompt and courteous responses to your questions; and
d. work with you and your doctors. To choose an attorney you should find more than one candidate to interview.

The best way to find a good lawyer is to ask for a recommendation from someone you know and trust. However, don't just get names form your friends. Instead, ask them detailed questions regarding the specific strengths and weaknesses of the attorneys they recommend. If you still need more prospects, you may locate a lawyer through your local bar association's attorney referral service or through an internet listing service.

Most lawyers will offer a free initial consultation. You should speak with the lawyers that you intend to interview in advance regarding any costs associated with your first meeting. Meeting with a lawyer may seem intimidating. To ensure that you are prepared, you may wish to make out a list of questions or points that you would like to raise in the interview. Additionally, if you have already been served legal papers, bring them to the interview along with any correspondence or other relevant documents. This will allow the lawyer to assess the potential issues in your case.

Call the Law Offices of Allan W. Ben P.C. today at 1-866-540-0677 to help you with your Long-Term Disability case. We are a National Long-Term Disability law firm, our lawyers have years of experience fighting on behalf of clients who are applying for Long-Term Disability. We will aggressively represent you in your case. If you are anywhere in the United States: Ohio, Arizona, New York, Illinois, Florida, in Michigan- Macomb County, Oakland County, Wayne County, Livingston County, Grand Rapids, Taverse City or anywhere else in Michigan and need help with your ERISA case, contact our office at

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