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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Social Security Administration must consider your treating doctor’s opinion and, under appropriate circumstances, give it controlling weight. The Social Security Administration evaluates the weight to be given your doctor’s opinion by considering:

a. The nature and extent of the treatment relationship between you and your doctor.

b. How well your doctor knows you.

c. The number of times your doctor has seen you.

d. Whether your doctor has obtained a detailed picture over time of your impairment.

e. Your doctor’s specialization.

f. The kinds and extent of examinations and testing performed by or ordered by your doctor.

g. The quality of your doctor’s explanation of your impairment.

h. The degree to which your doctor’s opinion is supported by relevant evidence, particularly medically

acceptable clinical and laboratory diagnostic techniques.

i. How consistent your doctor’s opinion is with other evidence.

We advise all of our Social Security Disability clients to fully disclose all symptoms and limitations, when they are talking to their doctor or the nurse. It is important to find anything to which you would testify in a hearing, to be found in your medical records. It is much more difficult for a judge to discredit your testimony if there is supporting medical documentation. You are the only person who can impact reported symptoms and limitations. It is even more important that you report everything if you have limited insurance coverage or can only see the doctor once every few months. Taking advantage of every appointment to fill the record with your description of your symptoms and limitations gives your doctor a much better basis upon which to provide a professional opinion of your inability to work.

A medical source statement is an opinion from your doctor regarding the nature and severity of your limitations due to your medically-determinable impairments. A medical source statement is often simply a form that is completed and signed by your doctor. The Michigan Social Security Lawyers at Allan W. Ben P.C. have created several different forms for doctors to complete. These forms are designed to be specific to your disability. A medical source statement can be one of the most powerful pieces of evidence that a lawyer can develop for your Social Security Disability claim.

The doctor should mail the form back to our office for an experienced Oakland County Social Security Lawyer to review. It is important for the doctor to state that because of your disability you are unable to work. The attorneys at Allan W. Ben P.C. will work with you and your doctors to make sure that your records are properly submitted to the SSA and that any documents needed from your doctors will be completed.

If you or a loved have applied for Social Security Disability you should consult with an experienced Michigan and Arizona Social Security Disability attorney. Allan W. Ben P.C. is a Michigan and Arizona Social Security Disability law firm which can help you or your loved one with their case. We handle cases all over Michigan including Oakland County, Wayne County, Macomb County and Livingston County. We also handle Social Security cases in Scottsdale and Phoenix, call are office toll free at 866-540-0677 or by email at

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