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Monday, October 18, 2010

Social Security Disability- Continue your medical treatment

When you have applied for Social Security Disability it is important to continue your medical treatment. Just having your doctor write that you are disabled or you can not work is not good enough. Here are two important thing to know about your medical treatment.

1. Get Regular Medical Treatment: The Social Security Administration will not be satisfied unless you can demonstrate a consistent record of medical treatment. You must attend your doctor’s appointments, counseling sessions, fill your medication prescriptions, and do everything else advised by your psychiatrist or other medical expert.

2. Don’t Rely on Your Diagnosis: It is not enough to simply have an official diagnosis of bipolar disorder from an accredited medical practitioner. You will only win Social Security Disability for bipolar if you document how your illness impacts your ability to work. Use your paperwork to show the connections. For example, because of your bipolar disorder you often miss work, cannot concentrate and make mistakes in your work tasks, or get into arguments with co-workers.

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